Have you heard of the saying,” live your best life”? If you’re living a meaningful and happy life, then you’re probably living your best life. It’s important to feel connected to others and ourselves. Being a part of something meaningful and making a difference somewhere is one of the best feelings one could have. When you look back at your past, everyone wants to feel proud of their achievements.

But what does “live your best life” actually mean?

Actually, the meaning of it is different for every individual. Every individual is unique, and your best life depends on your choices and your values. It is made up of what satisfies you and what, according to you, means making a difference to the world.

Although “live your best life” is all about your actual values, people often confuse it with what other people think about living the best life. For instance, social media platforms have been putting a lot of pressure on individuals these days. As a result, there are a few “conjectures” about what happiness looks like. And there are not a few things; actually, it’s a long list. If you try to live the life that other people expect from you, you will never be able to do those things that really make you happy, and you will never get to know what your best life would be.

Live each day as it counts, and never forget it’s only your choice. The only mantra to “live your best life” is never comparing yourself to others.

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